Forum Thread: How to Create a Stunning Website

I have always been a great fan of design, especially incorporating it in technology. Creating something of my own is something I love.

Anyway, making websites are easy: especially with tools such as Wix. Basically, in this article, I'm showing you how you should design your website to attract others, as well as choosing a good web address.


Wix is a software which is designed for you to easily create your own website - be it a blog or a how-to page. Some templates is a few dollars, others are free.

A suitable web address

A web address is basiclly a first impression to someone who is a first-timer to your site. To create something appealing, use an address which is short. Others would remember your site if it is easy.

Next, use something with your name and the purpose of your blog. An example address is In my example, my name becomes Van Blop, which is something easy to remember.


For your website, choose a colour which ypu like to be your main colour. For example, I will use orange, which is my favourite colour, as the background colour? You get me?

If you do not want to use colours (because it is sometimes too mundane), you can use a pattern. Trust me, use milk colours. It would have a soothing effect to your website.

I hope I have helped you. Go and try it yourself!

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