Forum Thread: How to Use Clustered Pendant Lighting in Your Home

Lights are not just used to get rid of darkness. Lighting up your personal space or home will contribute to the positive ambiance. Also, it would add to the style and glamour of your home. No wonder why clustered pendant lightings are being extensively used to decorate homes. This luxury hanging lights are in vogue and is thus an indispensable part of your home decor accessories.

Light it Up!

Shop from a range of exquisite clustered pendant lights at Souda. Our standardized clusters come with a white metal canopy that attaches with the ceiling. It allows you to hang as many as 12 pendants from a single location. We have options to use circular, square or rectangular canopies depending on the number of pendants.

Who doesn't enjoy being at a visually dynamic space! Clustered lights add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and hence, plays a functional role in interior design.

Your Favorite Space and The Perfect Mood!

It will not be wrong to say that these hanging lights are shining wonders that notjust brighten up your space but also sets your mood right. Different people may prefer different ways to arrange the lights. Thus, the arrangement brings about a unique-to-you feel. The following are some ways that you may use your lights-

Basically, there are two ways in which you can arrange it i.e. multiple or cluster. You can either prefer the cluster, that involves many pendants hanging from the same spot or you can go for multiple arrangement by hanging the lights from different points of the ceiling. You can use these arrangements in your favorite space to get that extra impact.

These lights can manipulate with space and surrounding. Isn't that amazing! Lights that are bundled up together fill the space with certain energy while when these are spread out, a special kind of calmness can be experienced. Clustered pendant lights make your favorite space even more awesome by imparting the right impact.

Apart from experimenting with the fixtures, you can also try hanging the lights from different heights. Height plays an important role in completing the overall look and effect of the lights. Hanging the lights from different heights and random spaces produces a trendy and modern look that goes well with homes with contemporary interior design. Perfectly aligned set up can be used in a relatively casual space.

Next thing which you can experiment with is the shapes and sizes. Some people use fixtures of same shapes and sizes perfectly aligned that looks beautiful and calm. There are some others who use good mix of fixtures in a variety of shapes and sizes. It imparts a more trendy and bohemian look.

The methods of using the pendant lights might vary with person to person and home to home. It totally depends on the person's personal inclination and mood. Buy the stylish, trendy and beautiful collection of clustered pendant lights at Soudaand start experimenting with your space now.

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