Forum Thread: Working on Best Way of SEO ( Google Ranking)

Lots of SEO expert use PBN or Pyramid strategy for Rank 1st on Google.
but if I use this strategy then how can I get the place over them?
I have no idea about it. I am confused what can I do now?
then I got a different way. Now google stop PBN site And PBN site one kind of gray hat SEO,
and Pyramid is the latest trend for rank on google.
then I think if I combined those two then what will happen?
I think deeply about this Combination but did not get ant solution.
after some days I made my decision that I will make the #PyraPBN system,
Today I start work on it but I didn't know what will happen.
but if I get the success then it will be the next.

with this strategy, I will get around 2M to 3M backlink if this strategy really works then I will upgrade it and then it will give us 10M to 20M backlink.

So that its very easy to rank on google but it takes around 5 to 6 month to make this strategy.
If I Will succeed then I will write about it in details.

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