How To: You Teach Others, They Teach You: The Power of WonderHowTo

You Teach Others, They Teach You: The Power of WonderHowTo

So many times, you turn on your computer, you open your front door, or you sit down on the couch to watch some well-earned TV, when you think -- Gosh! If only I could do this or this, life could be so much easier! And then, if you were a boring person, you would slouch even further down on the couch and continue to watch those reruns of The Sopranos.

But of course, you aren't the average person. You're the awesome, ambitious, smart, nerdy, techie person. So...

Enter WonderHowTo. Unlike other how-to websites, this website contains a simple, fun-styled layout and interesting, engaging articles and videos. Whenever you load up the front page, there's always something awesome there to hook you on and get you interested. Cracking hotel room locks, turning lightbulbs into Christmas decorations, and making Papercrafts, there's a limitless universe to explore!

Say you're looking for a specific how-to article on a specific topic. Of course, you have the Search function. And when you press Enter, loads of potential candidates to fill your needs come up on the screen, ready to complete your objective.

You're talented in a field and want to show off your skills? No problem, WonderHowTo's got that covered! With a unique feature called Worlds, you'll be able to create your own site to write articles and make videos that show your expertise in a certain field! Then, after your articles or videos are published, other people can view them and give your work Kudos to show that they really are outstanding. And, of course, if your article or video is really great, it could even make it to the front page!

WonderHowTo isn't just a website; it's a community. It's the awesome masterminds behind it all who keep the place running, and they wouldn't be able to hold everything up without the help of the readers and contributors who made WonderHowTo possible. So keep viewing, keep spreading the love, and keep sharing your mad skills!


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